The ANZCC 2017 Early Bird Registration is up until 03 October 2017

Please read the text below about Registration rates, Registration options, Registration policy, Registration procedure, etc., before you enter the Registration process. At the very bottom of this page you will find the button: REGISTER NOW.

In the case of any difficulty encountered during registration please contact the ASCC 2017 General Chair, Professor Emeritus Ljubo Vlacic via or +61 417 633 501, or the IPC Chair, Associate Professor Fuwen Yang via  

The ANZCC registration process consists of two stages, namely, the Registration Details stage and the Registration Fee Payment stage. Consequently, you will receive two email confirmation letters once your registration is processed and they will provide you with:

  1. The Summary of Your Registration Details, and with
  2. A Tax Invoice confirming your payment.
Both email confirmation letters should be attached to your visa application for visiting Australia.

This Tax Invoice can be used in support to your Visa application.

Delegates are obliged to make themselves fully aware of the health and visa entry requirements as prescribed by the Australian Government.

In the case that an applicant is not granted the Australian Entry Visa, the ANZCC 2017 Organiser accepts no responsibility in any respect.

Please go to VISA menu option to learn more about how to obtain a visa for visiting Australia.

The ANZCC 2017 basic registration types, and their inclusions, are as follows:

Registration Type

Welcome Reception


Farewell Session

Lunch on Each Day

Morning & Afternoon Refreshments on Each Day

Proceedings on USB

The Main Paper Upload

Each Additional Paper Upload

Full Registration

For a  small additional fee

Student Registration



Accompanying Person Registration

A Ticket Must be Purchased




We are delighted to announce that a specially discounted registration package will be on the offer to those wishing to register for both the Australian & New Zealand Control Conference and the Asian Control Conference. However, should you also wish to upload a paper for ASCC 2017 conference you will then need to pay a full ASCC registration fee at the ASCC 2017 site.

Registration Type

ANZCC & ASCC Welcome Reception

ANZCC & ASCC Banquet

ANZCC & ASCC Farewell Session

ANZCC & ASCC Lunch on Each Day

ANZCC & ASCC Morning & Afternoon Refreshments on Each Day

Main ANZCC  Paper Upload

Each Additional Paper Upload

ANZCC Proceedings &
ASCC  Proceedings
on USB

Full Registration for both

For a  small additional fee

Student Registration for both



Accompanying Person Registration for both

A Ticket Must be Purchased




Conference Registration Rates

All registration rates are listed in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST.

Registration Category Early Bird Standard On-Site
22 - 03 Oct 17 04 Oct - 10 Dec 17 17 - 20 Dec 2017
ANZCC Full Registration 600.00 680.00 780.00
Each Additional Paper Upload Fee 250.00
ANZCC Student Registration 300.00 340.00 390.00
Additional ANZCC & ASCC Banquet Ticket 152.00 176.00
Accompanying Person - ANZCC Registration  140.00 160.00 185.00
ASCC Workshop Registration 155.00 175.00 195.00
ASCC Registration 280.00 290.00 350.00
ANZCC Accompanying Person - ASCC Registration 


Conference Registration Procedure

  1. To register, please have ready:
  2. Before you proceed with payment of the registration fees, you are strongly encouraged to read the Registration Policy Notes below first.
  3. Please pay your registration fee first. Then, please allow for a minimum of 24 hours to pass after you have paid your registration fee(s) before uploading your paper(s) to the ANZCC 2017 paper handling server at Papercept Conference Management System,
  4. Please note that the paper upload submission deadline is 01 October 2017. Thus, please consider registering for the conference as early as from 22 September. Thank you for your co-operation..

Registration Policy Notes

  1. A Paper Upload: The Symposium Full Registration fee must be paid first to enable the upload of your paper(s). One Full Registration allows the upload of one paper.
  2. An Additional Paper Upload Fee: Any additional paper can be uploaded for an additional fee as per the Registration Rates table above.
  3. Page Limit: Submissions consisting of up to six pages are accepted. This page limit is hard limit. Longer submissions will not be accepted. There is no provision for page excess fee payment.
  4. No Day Registration is available
  5. Registration & Payment Method: On-line registration & on-line credit/debit card payment is the only registration & payment method available. No internet banking nor EFT is available.
  6. Student Registration: A single student registration does not allow the paper upload.
    Please provide an appropriate student proof (ID, letter of confirmation) to the registration desk. The Conference Organiser reserves the right to check for student proof during your on-site registration.
  7. Credit Cards Types: Visa and Master Credit/Debit Cards will only be accepted.
  8. A Tax Invoice: Summary of Registration Details as well as a Tax Invoice will be emailed once your registration is processed. This Tax Invoice can be used in support to your Visa application.
  9. Registration Fee Details: All fees are listed in Australian dollars ($AUS) and are inclusive of 10% GST.
  10. Registration site: By clicking on the link REGISTER NOW below, you will be taken to the on-line conference registration form to submit your registration details and thereafter to GriffithPay page to process your credit card payment.
  11. Paper upload to Paperplaza: Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours to pass, after you complete your registration process, before uploading your paper(s) to the ANZCC 2017 paper handling server at Paperplaza.
  12. No-show Papers: Papers that are not presented at the conference are very disruptive to a conference. Any accepted paper that is not presented at this conference is at risk for not being published as part of the conference proceedings. If the primary author is unable to attend, please arrange a co-author or other colleague to present the paper.
  13. Refund Policy: Any cancellation is associated with significant costs to the conference organisers and might conflict with the paper submission policy. For these reasons, following fees and rules will apply for any cancellation of the registration, or any other items, purchased through the ANZCC 2017 On-Line Process. For any cancellation, a handling fee of 10% of the cancelled service will apply.
    1. In addition:
      * Cancellation from and after 01 October 2017 but before 30 October 2017 - 50% of the paid registration amount will be forfeited
      * Cancellation from and after 31 October 2017 - 100% of the paid registration amount will be forfeited
    2. Authors who have an accepted paper and have registered but for some reason need to cancel their registration will not be eligible for a refund unless a new registration is received from a paper co-author who is not already registered. Any granted refund is subject to the Cancellation Policy listed, as above.
      For any cancellation request, please contact the ANZCC 2017 General Chair, Professor Ljubo Vlacic, via, or IPC Chair Professor Fuwen Yang via

Limitation of Liability in relation to ANZCC 2017

The ANZCC 2017 reserves itself the right to cancel ANZCC 2017 without notice or compensation in the event of any delay, default, failure or cancelation of implementation of any deliverable to or for the ANZCC 2017 which has been caused, directly or indirectly, by any incident of “force majeure”.
For the purposes hereof, the term “force majeure” shall include but not be limited to the following:

In such cases, the ANZCC 2017 Conference Organiser is freed of all responsibility and shall only be obliged to reimburse the payments received subject to deduction of any costs it has incurred in preparing the event. This limited liability only extends to the payments made directly to the ANZCC 2017 and not to payments made by the attendees to the hotel or airlines.

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